PLEASE NOTE: Ava Amour operates her practice within a Private Membership Association and therefore does NOT work on the general public.

- Ignite Your Sexual Power -

Experience tantra and the art of loving kindness with a fully present and activated Goddess, Shaktiva, and International Transformational Teacher and Guide.

Goddess Ava embodies the divine feminine as lover/mother/sister /daughter. As a fully awake and activated Dakini she is a full representation of the creative and nourishing feminine energies of Shakti and the enlightening energies of wisdom, Sophia or Pranja. Wisdom or Sophia is that higher intellectual faculty of mind that penetrates into the nature of reality, distinguishing what is true from what is false. You will find here the personification of wisdom as a female figure, the Goddess Ava. Wisdom is not a young maiden who is sweet, sentimental, and passive rather an active manifestation of enlightened awareness.